We enlarge our team according to the needs of current projects, engaging experienced designers / engineers with a broad technical overview who want to participate in creating something new and working in a team. We offer a good opportunity to Fresh graduates interested in learning from more experienced colleagues. To work on international projects knowledge of English is required while Russian can be an advantage. We treat every candidate fairly and with respect.

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Who we are looking for

Haven’t you found a suitable position?

Let us know about you and your interest! We will first contact you by phone and if we agree, we can discuss our cooperation over a delicious coffee / tea with our drawings on the screen.

I am interested


Want to learn the ropes from experienced professionals?
Need qualified work with flexible working hours?
Want to be part of a team?
If you are interested in long-term cooperation and have at least intermediate English, let us know.
We support our students in practice when writing diploma theses.


Only missing the diploma thesis or do you already have a fresh diploma in your pocket?
You have both - a chance to start and a long-term perspective with us.
In most departments we offer jobs to junior engineers.
You will experience work on international projects with support from more experienced colleagues and you will have the opportunity for personal and professional growth.
Each of our projects is different.
Our work is bound by deadlines and sometimes you get the adrenalin flowing.

Why to join us?



  • Working for the company is interesting and even at my age I’m always learning new things.
  • I have nothing but praise for working with my Prague and Litvínov colleagues.
  • I have many years of hands-on experience under my belt and in this team, I feel great and I like the work
  • I get younger with the young people around me :)


  • The Prague office is near the city centre
  • Teamwork – you aren’t alone at work, you work together with people from your and other professions and you create a result together


  • A good team that’s always willing to help
  • I can go on business trips abroad
  • I’m always learning new things because there are experts from different professions in the company
  • Possibility of getting work experience for graduates – CP gives graduates a chance


  • I can see how my ideas become reality on site
  • Working in a team that pulls together
  • Cycling facilities, cycle lanes near the Prague office
  • Flexible working hours
  • Possibility of taking foreign language courses



  • Working with people who are the best in their profession


  • Possibility of using foreign languages and improving them
  • A diverse team


  • Constant need to learn new things
  • Pleasant surroundings
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